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Thorrvag, Mar 24, 12 6:55 PM.
Hello and Welcome to Bridgeburners

I would like to tell you a bit about us we are a small Kinship both in game and real life as we try to get to know our members.
 As we feel it greatly helps us with our gameing to know our players. I guess some will call us leet or other things like this. Let us set it straight for the record, We are not "Uber LEET" but we do like it if you know you role with your character/class. As it greatly benifits all involed.

We are a level 10 Kinship with a beautiful house and all of our current players are comming from MMORPG games as well as a  few of us are FPS'er, Basicly we love our gameing. We are currenly undergoing reflection and are looking to increase our player base and friends. As thats what its about in this day and age FUN. We love to have fun. It could be a run in Moster vs player or raiding if there is something that need to be done we try to get it done. We are the few that have been able to pull of some increadable feats the not many others have been able to achieve. We have the best crafters that are know to a dwarf
some would say better than a dwarf as they choose to wear our equipment and arms over most others.

We pride our sevles on how we act in middle earth as well as in our vent,groups,raids and life. If you choose to apply and are sucussful we would ask you to act the same. As this is our creed, our blood oath, our enjoyment. We are not as strict as it sounds but do require this. I would ask you to have a think about best kin's/guild's depending from your gameing background that you have come across. I garentee you this that they have all been run very very similar to what we are asking. Its not much but the little thing make this game very enjoyable.

Once again for those who have read this completely I thank-you from all the officers and the leader of this Kinship of Awesomeness Keep your Blades Sharp And your shields at the ready!

Thorrvag on behalf of Apsalar

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Thorrvag, Mar 24, 12 8:15 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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